Architectureassignmenthelp.com Cancellation and Refund Policy

We take special pains to ensure that we deliver you solutions that match your expected quality, deadline, and instructions. However, we understand that the need may arise to cancel or offer a refund to our students under specified circumstances. Therefore, we share the principles that bind these situations in our cancellation and refund policy. We expect you to agree to all these terms.

Cancellation Policy

Our policy gives room for cancellations within two hours after placing the order. However, the terms are different for emergency orders for which we only allow cancellations within ten minutes after order placement.

Refund Policy

Our company works hard to find and send you nothing but the right solutions in time. Our records have it that we always deliver the best to our students. And since we're determined to always make it a win-win for you, we commit ourselves to a refund policy meant to cover you in case of any expected losses. We have a 5-day money-back guarantee. That is, we only process refunds requested within five days after the deadline. All clients are required to forward their refund requests alongside a reason to help us track the case smoothly.

We Only Process Refunds under The Following Circumstances

  • Excess Deductions/Payments are made from Your Account: - While we strive to ensure that every process flows correctly on our website, we remain to be humans; we can make mistakes. You may also go wrong and make the payment twice (or more times) by mistake. In such cases, we promise to send back all the excess amounts deducted/paid.
  • No Service is Delivered: - Although this hardly happens, we still leave it to chance as there's a narrow probability that it can happen (though it has never happened here before). Please share with us the evidence that the service wasn't delivered and we'll refund you all the money you paid to us.
  • Missed Deadline: - We always set up an agreement on the deadline before the commencement of our contract. If we miss this deadline by our fault, we will partially refund you an amount that we deem suitable for compensating for the time lost.
  • Wrong Service is delivered: - To err is human, and we understand this. That's why we will refund all your money if we delivered the wrong service to you after confirming that we also don't have your order done. However, you need to confirm with us if we only made a mistake as most of the time we are always just confused between orders.
  • The Order Is Cancelled by the Client: - We do not encourage order cancellations but if a student decides to cancel an order, we will make partial refunds based on the level of completion.

A Refund Request is Not Accepted for the Following Reasons

If a customer changes the instructions for the order and asks us to stop working on it, we will not process a refund in that case. Moreover, when we have already completed the old order and the student changes the instructions asking for it to be done afresh, we will require him/her to make a new payment for the new order.

If the students have not described the reason for the refund clearly, we will kit accept the refund request. Emails asking for refunds should state the reason for the refund to help us know that we need to improve on it next time.

If the refund request is sent past the guarantee days, we shall not process it. We offer a five-day money-back guarantee. We strictly process refunds asked for within these days.

If you request for cancellation of your order past the dedicated days, then request for a refund of the same, we shall not process your refund request.

If the deadline is reached or exceeded but the client doesn't ask for a refund within five days, we will assume that s/he is satisfied with the service at the time.

Refund Processing

After confirming a refund, we will process it within 5-6 business days. Please note that our company is not responsible for delays caused by your bank nor does it bear responsibility for any processing fees.