Tips to complete an architecture design assignment for excellent grades

Architecture can be described as the study of designing and building large structures and buildings. Architecture is viewed as both a science and an art. This is so because the architecture students focus on fulfilling the client's need of having living spaces that are designed using special tools and a lot of creativity. The architecture incorporates technology and aesthetic aspects to create masterpieces. This blog explains in detail various tips you can use to perform in your architecture course.

Go to Architecture class come what may

You ought to target going to your Architecture class as a matter of course. This assists you with collaborating with your lecturer and looking for architecture assignment help when required. The class meeting also acts as a compass which offers bearing on the most proficient method to embrace new ideas. It is additionally critical to take notes in class since most tutors set in the test content that they have educated or handled in the class. Observe the models given in class by your teacher since by and large they will more often they may be similar in the tests. It is likewise important to comprehend the idea being shown in the said class. Subsequently, make sure to understand and assimilate the idea being taught. This guarantees that you have not crammed but you have conceptualized the concept and you can apply it in your architecture exam. Going to class likewise assists you with knowing where to review since you can figure out the areas that you didn't understand well and thus think of an arrangement to deal with the same.

Finishing the architecture assignment given

The assignment given in an architecture class ought to be treated and dealt with seriously. The tests ought to be utilized as a way to show whether you grasped the showed idea in class. This, therefore, assists you in preparing for the future test in architecture. Tasks are generally outlined so that the primary segment manages ideas in your book or those shown in class. You should be in a situation to deal with these without hardships or in any event looking for help from somewhere else. The following section may expect you to apply concepts taught in class more profoundly. This implies that they are not set straightforwardly from your course book. These might be somewhat difficult which is fine and subsequently help might be required. This help might be through collaborating with your fellow coursemate to conceptualize and think of the answer to the said questions. By finishing architecture assignments in time and doing them completely, you find that a larger part of the architecture exams become simpler since they are generally set from the assignment given.

Prepare and revise well for the architecture exam

To succeed in any aspect of our study life, proper preparation is paramount. This is no different when it comes to architecture exams. Prior and thorough preparation is a sure bet in passing your test. In the preparation phase, there are important aspects that you should check out. It is important to check and understand the structure of the architecture exam, and the number of questions you are expected to tackle in the test. This can be found by going through the previous architecture exams. The next step in preparation is having a calculator. As earlier stated, a physic test borrows heavily from math hence a scientific calculator is key. Also, make sure to rehearse and practice how to correctly use the calculator to solve architecture questions. Architecture tests also have special formulas make sure that you are familiar with the formulas and their application beforehand. Care should also be taken to ensure that the correct formula is used to solve a particular question since a mix-up when using the formula will lead to missing the marks set for the question. These aspects if ignored may lead to disorganization on the exam day and mostly limit your potential to perform to the maximum.
Architecture also requires you actively partake in preparing. This, therefore, implies that you have to study the content taught in class and note down the key topics. Practice makes perfect and passing the architecture exam comes in handy. You should do architecture-related questions often to develop the skills needed to ace your architecture exam. Eventually, you will realize that you can answer Architecture questions more quickly and accurately while also developing your problem-solving abilities. Coming up with better revision techniques will also help in improving your skills. For instance, correctly solving questions from past papers goes a long way in preparing you for future architecture tests. Identify your weak areas and pay close attention to them when revising. As you work on your weak areas, do not overlook your strong areas. Make it a habit to polish these areas once in a while too. This will give you more self-confidence, which ultimately will make it simpler for you to manage and effectively handle the exam.

Understand and follow instructions when handling architecture questions

When undertaking an architecture exam, great care and attention should be given to the instructions required to tackle the paper. Many students overlook this aspect or do not follow them in the same hence denying themselves valuable marks. Most architecture tests are divided into sections. Section 1 mostly has compulsory questions which require short answers. You should do all the questions in this section. They are mostly theoretical questions hence you should score maximumly in this section. Part 2 has longer questions which require a more in-depth analysis. Each question should be read keenly and take time to internalize what the questions require before attempting the same. Take extra note of the keywords used in the question these will help you answer the question extensively. These keywords may include: explain, state, derive, estimate, and differentiate among many others. Also, take note of the number of questions you are required to answer. Tackling more questions than required will not earn you extra marks. Also, use the time given skillfully since this is an aspect of instructions that the majority of the students do not adhere to. Do not overstay on one question for long at the expense of other questions. Questions requiring diagrams should also be handled with great precision. The diagrams should be visible and clearly labelled. Formulas and derivations are very key in passing an architecture test. They should therefore be used correctly and where necessary shows how you have arrived at the answer given using the said formula or derivation. Finally, before submitting your answer sheet goes through, it checking for any errors that you may have committed either grammatical or errors with the formulas used.


To excel in the architecture assignment therefore you should have a detailed plan of how to go about the same. With the above-discussed core points, if followed the latter, you can be sure that the results will be better sooner or later. Sleep and rest are also important aspects to put into consideration as you work on passing your Architecture exams.

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